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Making Music Over 30 Years

Private Recording Studio

Songwriting, Composing, Arranging

Welcome to Digital Pursuit Music

Rene Curbelo founded Digital Pursuit Music to develop original projects with singers and musicians, in our private recording studio environment using the latest technologies and equipment. Rene has well over 30 years experience in the recording field as well as being a performing musician.

We are always looking for songwriters who are interested in collaborating to develop joint projects. Singers as well as musicians (male & female) are also welcome to collaborate with our original projects in exchange for help recording their demos.

We are developing a network of talented singers and musicians that are interested in creating new and interesting arrangements of original compositions, with the goal of signing with a major publisher or record label.


Digital Pursuit is a private studio for artists with original material and collaboration projects...



Listen to some of the projects produced by artists at the Digital Pursuit Music Studio...



We develop projects using our experience and tools to create works with original sounds as well as classic sounds to fit the original material...


Session Tips

Preparing for a recording session is always a wise thing to do. We offer some of the most common and efficient tips to help make your session the most productive...